Ceiling Mounted Wall Hanger

Wudore brings you Ceiling cloth hangers or roof cloth hangers to dry your wet clothes in any season without any worries. These hangers are fixed to the roof with two patties, which contain wheels to help to easily pull up and pull down the pipes to dry your wet clothes. In addition one stopper fixed to the wall to fix the nylon ropes, which are coming from the stainless steel pipe. These ceiling cloth hangers can be used in bathroom, storage rooms, courtyard or in balconies wherever there is need for your clothes to dry.

Wudore’s Ceiling Cloth Hangers features :-

● Ceiling cloth hangers, summing up our product, our ceiling (roof) cloth hanger system is very easy to use and operate.

● Each rod of the hanger has a pull down system.

● It is a dirt and rust free stainless steel pipe.

● We provide the product with an installation guide by well trained technicians.

● We do free installation with one year free service.

● The best thing about ceiling cloth hangers is the are available as ready-made.

● Wudore ceiling cloth hangers do have sizes options of 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet.

● To mention, width of 2.5 feet is enough to fix the 6 rods set with each rod space of 6 inches.

● Highly spacious and takes the minimum place on the roof.

Why to choose Wudore ?

● We do provide the products suitable for your balcony requirement.

● We put our efforts to offer the best competitive price as compared to the market one.

● Quality service.

● Reasonable and affordable prices

. ● Best products. Wudore offers services all over India for :- Ceiling Cloth Hangers or Cloth Drying Ceiling Hangers or Wall Mount Ceiling Hangers or Roof cloth hangers or Pulley cloth drying hangers

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