Multipurpose Plastic Clips for Clothes & Plastic Bags
Multipurpose Plastic Cloth Hanging Pegs/Clips These Cloth Clips cling to your clothes as they dry in the sun and keeps them from flying off in strong winds. These plastic clips with stainless steel grips remain rust-free for long and are...
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Adjustable Folding Clothes Steel Drying Racks Hanger Shelf
Adjustable Folding Clothes Drying Racks Hanger Shelf This Balcony Drying Rack is made of durable metal and high-quality plastic to meet your long-term storage demand. Can place in your balcony, bathroom, windows more places to provide laundry drying much easier...
899.00 379.00
Self Adhesive Plastic Wall Hook (Pack of 4)
Self Adhesive Plastic Wall Hook (Pack of 4) Now there is no more need to drill holes in your walls to place nails or hangers.To enhance the beauty of your home, Wudore brings you multipurpose oval-shaped self-adhesive hooks for Homes,...
199.00 155.00
9 Hole Plastic Hanger Hanging hook
Multifunctional Magic Hangers Nine Holes Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers Closet Organizer Hanger Space-saving hanger organizer can hold 9 garments horizontally or vertically and keeping clothes organized and wrinkle-free, Clothes hanger organizer can save 50% of the wardrobe space, keep...
399.00 179.00
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