Laptop Elevation Stand - Natural wood

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  • Material: Natural wood.
  • Purpose: Laptop Stand.
  • The elevation provides a eye line view of the laptop that eliminates stress and neck aches.
  • While solid, the stands still are easy to carry in your backpack wherever you want to go.
  • It is flexible to adjust based on the laptop width considering it is a pair of stands.

Its made of wood and its light weight, approx 320 gms & high strength, and easy to carry around. The main use of the Wooden stand is to elevate the laptop screen to eye level inorder to correct your sitting posture.

Product description:

Wudore Brings you light weight and strong build solid wood flat base ergonomic laptop elevation stand. The set of two stands together can hold laptops of size up to 17 inch. The flat base provides a strong support proving this base ideal for gamers or long term users who use laptops for longer duration.

Working for long hours? How ergonomic is your work place? Is your setup pain free? When laptop users work for long hours, they eventually start experience back and neck aches. This is related to the alignment of your laptop and eye view. In most of the cases, users end up bending forward to view a laptop for long duration, this will eventually cause a permanent impact to your back and spinal cord.

Here is our solution. Elevating your laptop by a small angle will solve all your issues. Our laptop elevators are easy to carry, made from termite free, naturally polished strong rubberwood for long lasting. Our designers put in the best effort to shape the product to make it blend in well with your amazing office setup.


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