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Cloth hanger in 7 Lines I Economy
Material: Stainless Steel. No of Pipes: 7 pipes. Wall mounted economy type. easy to install. Made from High Grade Material making it strong and durable. A perfect towel hanger in your Bathroom and Bedroom or balcony. It is wall mounted...
1,499.00 from 1,225.00
Pulley cloth drying hanger in 6 lines - 12mm OD I Superio
Ceiling Hanger with 6 Pipes and comes with Individual pipe drop down system. Stainless steel quality 202 Grade 12mm pipe diameter  Superio type channels  Complete Installation Package. Ready to Install on arrival.  Available in multiple size. 3 Feet, 4 Feet, 5...
2,599.00 from 2,318.00
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