Natural Wood Cutting Board - LARGE

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  • Material: Rubber wood
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13.5 Inch(H) x9.5 Inch(W)x2 Inch(T)
  • Easy to clean and store. Very ergonomically designed with high quality material and thickness
  • Handy for chopping all vegetables. Can be considered as a medium sized chopping board

Wudore Presents high quality rubberwood Chopping board which is purely Water Proof and very handy. It is made with high grade quality rubber wood which can easily be identified only by its finishing. Additionally, the chopping board features two detachable cups to store your chopped / diced vegetables making it easy to segregate vegetables or fruits you cut. So from now on use this Chopping Board for your Kitchen and protect your family from Plastic intake.

Product description:

Rubber Wood Chopping Board

  • Premium Rubberwood Construction

  • Rubber Wood Chopping Board

  • Great for food safety

  • No Messes

  • Safe Handling & Storage

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

When it comes to chopping boards, nothing can beat this Rubber wood cutting board in sheer class and functions. It edges over multitudes of other cutting boards and rise above them all to give a smooth and flawless performance. This chopping board has Rubber wood, eco-friendly material that is grown throughout the world. It has features which outclass plastic or metal cutting boards and makes it the perfect kitchen accessory to have in your modern kitchen. Rubber wood gives this chopping board, its unique earthy look that is eye-catching and lends beauty and elegance to your kitchen deacute. Its natural toughness also makes it more durable and able to withstand rough chopping, scrapping and cutting from kitchen knives. Less warping and cracking also means less chance for bacteria to form and contaminate your food. It makes it sanitary and safe to use. This board makes cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing tasks effortless and keeps foods from falling over onto the kitchen platform, keeping your kitchen space clean and mess-free. And this cutting board is also easy to maintain and store. All these features go on to make this Rubber wood chopping board a first choice for your kitchen.

Long Lasting Performance

This cutting board possesses the natural strength of Rubber Wood. It enables it to withstand many years of harsh use. High quality natural Rubber Wood goes into making this Rubber Wood board a highly desired kitchen item to own. Rubber Wood gives a natural toughness to this board, enabling it to tackle multipurpose kitchen uses – cutting, dicing, and mincing. It makes the board surface resilient enough to knife marks, scars, cuts and cracks. Rubber Wood also doesn’t catch odors and smells from foods, making it hygienic to use. 

Circle Holder

A Circle-hole makes this Rubber wood cutting board easy to grip and hold. The hole ease of handling over the Rubber wood board. The Circle hole prevents it from slipping from your hands. The Circle hole also makes it easy to hang the cutting board on wall hooks and save precious storage space.


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